There is No Such Thing as an UGLY House!

There is No Such Thing as an UGLY House!

Looking to sell your house but still got that wallpaper that Grandma thought was in style back when she and Grandpa bought the house back in 54′? How about that car in the yard that your husband never got around to fixing or that ‘art project’ that your kids took the liberty of ‘gifting’ you with on the playroom walls and floor?

Having damage of any sort or the lack thereof of updates to a home can DRASTICALLY affect pricing for sale on the retail market. Placing your home up for sale in more traditional ways with agents opens you up to have your home at least generally updated and free of any proof of real-life existing in that space. They will likely have you spend money to get the house in a condition that will convince buyers that your house is worthy of their desire. Once you spend money, they will likely have a professional take high-definition photos of your home and place them online for the world to see. All the while costing you time and money at every turn. Maybe you don’t have the money to put up to update and renovate your home or clean out proof of the years spent in your home only to turn around and simply sell it.

I am here to tell you that YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Our homebuying process sees beyond what you might think are flaws in your home. There is no mess too great or no issue that we cannot handle. Truth is, at StraightOffer, there is no such thing as an UGLY HOUSE! No matter what the story, no matter what the damage, we are interested and we can buy it. Whether it be an issue of Grandma’s wallpaper or something more serious like water damage, mold, damaged flooring, rodent infestation, house fire, messy yard, or clutter – it doesn’t matter. You name it, we BUY IT. You can even take what you want and leave the rest behind, no questions asked.

StraightOffer is here to help you, not judge you. Visit e today for more information on how to get started or to submit your property for a hassle-free quote today!

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