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Not sure if your house qualifies? WE BUY HOUSES AS-IS!

Things happen and you’ve lost income that once sustained on-time payments to the bank/mortgage company. Maybe unfair mortgage terms?

Taxes are due every year and they seldom decrease with time. You are now behind in taxes and are in risk of further legal action from authorities.

Your property has been marked for destruction or modification for the use of public. What are your options? We have some solutions for you.

It happens way too often and changes need to be made. Downsizing to affordable houing is a good solution before foreclosure process.

You’ve fallen behind in payments and you’ve received notice of pending foreclosure. You have options! Cash sale is best and fastest solution.

Home ownership requires constant property maintenance and upgrades over time. Expenses might get out of hand and are beyond affordability levels.

Local and federal Building Code is a complex list of rules and regulations that need to be followed by all homeowners. Violations are costly.

Keeping, Maintaining, and especially Selling an inherited property is an emotional process that requires correct approach and local expertise.

Transfer notice is usually last minute. Selling your property to qualified Cash Buyer that can arrange remote closing might be your best option!

Selling in divorce is not easy and can be difficult, especially when proceeds need to be split and long term negotiations are not an option.

Selling after a passing of a loved one is a stressful and time consuming process and it doesn’t have to be. Let us handle the process for you.

You’re neighborhood experienced a decline and you no longer want to live there. Best option in declining areas? Cash Sale. Let us help you out.

You’ve tried to sell on the market with undesired results and you listing expired. After weeks of trying you need a better solution… contact us.

Sometimes, the property isn’t the sore subject, but something else might be… need extra money fast? Selling your property cash might be the solution.

Empty properties are a magnet for trouble! Maintenance issues, trespassing, vandalism, theft and overall huge financial liablity. We provide options!

Tired of dealing with trouble tenants and do not want to go through eviction process? We might be able to take care of that for you!

Depending on the state, Squatters might be either trespassers or they’ve gained access to the property through other means. Advise the detail with us.

Not a lot of Buyers will consider fire damaged properties due to extensive repairs that are needed to bring the property up to code. We will!

Empty lots are a liability as you are required to pay annual taxes, as well as grass cutting and are responsible for potential illegal dumping. Costs add up!

Water leaks will cause mold issues that are not only dangerous (black mold and chart arum), but might also bring a law suit to the landlord if not fixed.

All homeowners are subject to local Code Enforcement regulation, some homes are also subject to local Home Owners Associations rules.